Saturday, November 15, 2014

Antique Roses

A couple of years ago, I was blessed to find People With Dirty Hands in a thrift store. It was love at first sight because of the name. And then the introduction… good heavens! I also want to one day be an old lady in an untidy garden.

This book introduced me to the world of antique roses: tough old girls that thrive in the worst of conditions with little or no care. Admirable. I sent away for the Antique Rose Emporium’s catalog and started dreaming.

Then, on my wedding anniversary this year, Mr. Farmgirl treated me to a trip to our local nursery. I love to go there and wander around. This trip, I was looking for a Wisteria. I left with 2 grapevines, a honeysuckle, some Dinosaur Kale and Rainbow Swiss Chard, and 3 antique roses that I found on sale for $5 each! (The danger of wandering around this place.)

The ARE sells their roses for quite a bit more than that. I felt so spoiled! And excited. The names on the tags were indecisive- antique rose, unknown. OH BOY! It’s a Surprise! The kid in me exclaimed.

I brought them home and watered them well. Within a couple of days, they bloomed. One is a plain 5 petal pink flower with a spicy pepper smell. The next is a beautiful pink flower with a delicate spiced-rose scent. The third, and the one in this picture, is a creamy eloquent flower with a slight touch of pink in its center at full maturity. The scent is pure rose- like the roses from 80 years ago, and so pure and airy that you have to place your nose inside the flower and inhale it. Ahhhh. Bliss.

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