Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Beach Garden

I started gardening after we moved to Jacksonville Beach. I learned to use raised beds when the drainage is bad. I also learned that raised beds need more water and water more often. I got my chickens while living in Jax Beach. And now free-range them in the back yard.
Above is my harvest of heirloom Mustard greens and one egg from each of my girls.

Coal and the chickens and the kids share the backyard.

I worked hard to make my beach garden with raised beds and great compost. And I've been reading and researching for three years now. I look forward to the future where we will find a home and turn it into a homestead. We'll see if I can remember all I've learned.


I am Lainie (but I write as "Phyllis")

I never imagined I'd want a farm. I never wanted livestock. I never thought I'd be a farm girl.
Never say never.

It all began with the birth of my daughter, Lyliana, in 2006. I thought I was making good decisions for our family. Hospital birth. Vaccinations. Doctor visits. Store-bought food.
To sum it up, we were mainstream.
We wanted better for our family.

My grandmother made my husband read Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures book. He insisted that I read it as well. So I did. Then I read the sequel. I seldom agree with everything anyone says, and these books are no exception. But they got me started. I began researching. I started reading books about natural birth and organic foods and GMO's. Terrifying. I watched Fast Food Nation and subscribed to Mother Earth News. I've subscribed to Organic Gardening, Natural Home and Garden, Urban Farm, and, my current favorite, Countryside Magazine.

I started making our own soap and cooking from scratch. We stopped the vaccines and unnecessary medicines. We changed our diet and stopped eating fast food.

Three years ago, we moved from our pretty house in Live Oak, Florida to an efficiency apartment in Jacksonville Beach. Over time, we've relaxed about certain things, especially the fast food. We do the best we can, but don't stress as much. If I'm too tired to cook, we eat pizza. And I won't judge you if you do, too.

Over the past three years, I've evolved more and more into a farm girl, even though I live in a rental in Jax Beach with a yard the size of a postage stamp and neighbors who think I'm crazy. They hope I'll move away, and I am trying! lol

When Lyl turned five, we took her to the mall to Build a Bear. It was supposed to be our special turning 5 event, and I had been planning it since I was pregnant with her. But the mall freaked her out big time. She got a little teary and looked up at me and said, "We're not mall-girls, we're farm girls." I hugged her and agreed. Since then, I've become even more determined to set up a homestead for our family.

I will chronicle this portion of our journey here, at Evolution of a Farm Girl.

I chronicled the previous three and a half years at Beach Cheap. From decorating an efficiency to fit a family of three to Making Soap to Getting Chickens.

I hope you'll join me here, farm girl or not.