Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It’s Been Awhile


Hi, everyone. Once Spring sprung, we got really busy around here. And I only remember that it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged after dark, when I can’t take pictures.

But here are some of the work we’ve been doing around here.


Whenever I couldn’t get outside, I hung curtains and pictures. I almost have the house finished. I think.


We tilled up a garden area. Only to test the soil and find it too alkaline and completely devoid of nutrients. And this is really too big of a plot for me to work by hand alone. Back to the drawing board.


Since the chickens took over my fenced garden area, I think I will put up a wooden picket fence (hmm, made out of used pallets?) and a pretty gate bordering the recently tilled area. And then fill the area with raised beds. I think it will be a celebration of different types of gardening. Wooden raised beds, square foot gardens, a blueberry/blackberry hedge.

We planted some fruit trees in the backyard. They’re hard to see in the picture because of our toys (and the fact that the trees are small babies). We planted a pear, two figs, and three citrus. We also planted a Golden Rain Tree and two Sycamores for shade.

I plan to take those steps (leftover from the foreclosure mess) and turn them into a potting/garden table. That’s our plan for Sunday if the weather permits. :)

I have hopes of getting some grapes planted soon, as well as another pear.


The Lazy Way to Water


Have you seen these?


I love them. I bought some at WalMart. I didn’t realize how much water my plants actually need. These little “aqua globes” water the plants according to their needs instead of a timer or my own attention span. But they can be expensive.

So that got me to thinking- what exactly is this? Well, it’s a glass bottle with a narrow neck. Hmm. Where have I seen those before?



An empty wine bottle works, too. Recycling at its best!

Now I am saving beer bottles and wine bottles to become my own

free “Plant Nannies.”