Saturday, March 2, 2013

HomeSchool of Life


We love homeschooling. The freedom. The choices. The books! Oh, how I love the books! If I can pass on to my children a love for God and a love for books I will have done my job.

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In January, we took a trip to the Children’s Hands On Museum in Jacksonville. What a great place. Lyli is captaining the pirate ship. Loral is playing in the toddler room.


Both girls are artists. This is Lyli’s latest collage.


A fishing fieldtrip. I call this “learning life skills.”

You know what they say, “teach a girl to fish…”


For science and gardening, Lyli is growing (and eating) strawberries.


She waters them, tends to them, weeds them, and helped me set up this cage and net to protect them from birds.


Loral enjoys the chickens. She loves to watch them.

We adopted three new hens recently from a friend. Two buff orpingtons and a barred rock. They’ve fit into the flock seamlessly. Now we have seven spoiled hens.


And for math, we’ve been baking and measuring.

This is Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova that Lyli made for my birthday. (I helped with the mixer.)

We’re a fun learning loving family.



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