Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A FarmGirl Night Stand

This rustic step stool makes a perfect night stand. My homemade candles made from upcycled tea canisters sit on the top shelf, my magazines and books fit perfectly on the middle steps and my glass of water rests on the bottom step.

What things have you upcycled around the farm and home?

Monday, July 1, 2013

FarmGirls Need PotRacks

It only took me nine months to make this pot rack. I scored some free wood at Home Depot, bought 8 S-Hooks, 13 Pot Hooks, a 10-foot chain (only needed 4 feet- Oops), and 8 Eye-Hooks.


I am SO happy to have my most often used pots and tools handy. We bought this white hanging basket at WalMart way back when we moved into the efficiency. I love having the potatoes and onions out where I can see them. They mold so quickly with all the humidity in Florida. The top basket is full of tomatoes Lyli and I picked today.