Thursday, August 28, 2014

Farm? or FarmNot?

Is this a farm? Uhhh, no. Not at all. It was—by my definition anyway. We had chickens. I had a little garden. It was a beginning farm… a mini-farm.

But now the chickens are gone, and my gardens are neglected. It’s a weird feeling. Not failure, exactly. Just… struggle. It’ll take years and a lot of work to turn this place into a mini-farm.

So we continue to work, and pray, and live, and raise our children. My number one job right now is Mommy. Also wife, teacher, chef, driver… the list goes on, you know.

Even so, every now and then I just can’t help myself. I got a little crafty this week and repainted this yard sale find. My plans include adding a few more containers to my tiny garden and hopefully getting some veggies and greens this winter.


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