Thursday, June 27, 2013

It’s A Blooming Miracle

…that I was able to grow anything at all this summer.

I know most Yankee gardeners think that we have it made in Florida. But what we have is an actually short growing season before the sun burns everything up. Including us- the heat chases us indoors just like the snow chases you.

And bugs. We have LOTS of bugs. Big mutant mosquitoes. Lovely little moths that lay their eggs all over my garden; their offspring especially love my tomatoes. Aphids. Stinging gnats. Ants… the list goes on.

But I was able to grow a few things this year, including flowers. :)




Roses (Knock-Out and Don Juan) and Gardenias

20130604i     20130604n

Spearmint                                               Nasturtium


Some cucumbers


These zinnias bloomed so prettily for about a week before the heat got them.


The pretty zinnia that Lyli and I grew from seed.


And a Chianti Sunflower growing along the garden fence.

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