Tuesday, May 1, 2012

National Geographic

We always had National Geographics around. My grandparents and cousin all subscribed. I will never forget the time I read an article about allergies. It basically said that children raised on farms were healthier than those raised off farms. (A gross generality, I know, but stick with me here.) The article actually stated that this one family would have been much healthier if they had moved a cow into their living room.

Well, a statement like that made an impact on my subconscious.

When I was growing up, I noticed a friend of mine with major health issues. She lived in a newer brick house. I lived in an old farmhouse (minus the farm) that was quite drafty. I was in much better health than her. I asked my parents what they thought. They responded basically that fresh air is good for you. Now that I’ve done more research, I realize that the paint and carpet and building materials in her new house were probably emitting toxic fumes. And the windows were so well-made and sealed tightly (and never opened) that the fumes had nowhere to go.

My FarmGirl leanings are all about health. My health and that of my family. I know that the food I grow in my own backyard is fresh, organic, and healthy. I know that working in the garden and with animals is good for our bodies and souls. Having room to run and play is a luxury that I had as a child, and one that I desperately want for our children.

So… the hunt is still on. We are still house-hunting. Dreaming of a HomeStead. Evolving into FarmGirls. Trusting God!

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