Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Temporary Homestead


We are temporarily living in a singlewide mobile home near my family. It’s small, but it’s close to world-class babysitters, and my kitchen window overlooks the pond. I love to sip my coffee and watch the birds play in the water. Yesterday, I watched a huge catfish skim the surface. YUM. Ben needs to fish for me!


Even though I am technically home-stead-less, I cannot stop planting and growing. It’s like an addiction, folks.

FarmGirl Forever!

So here’s my flowerpot garden.

Petunias, Basil seeds, lavender rootings, and German Chamomile.


My bolting red lettuce is on the shelf to the right. I am eagerly awaiting those seeds. I’ve never seen such a bright red lettuce.

My new homestead, wherever it may be, will have red lettuce seeds growing on it this fall.

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